something more than a sparkle.

"All I know is that I know nothing."

I believe that you came into this life with a deep inner knowing of what you were here to do and an inner guidance system to make it happen.

I’m not talking a carefully laid out path which comes with an instruction manual, rather an unshakable deep seeded knowing that you’re here for a reason, there is serious work to do and the universe will support you in doing it.

I believe until you answer this calling you will always feel like there is something missing and something you have forgotten. No matter what you use to numb it out, it will be there. The only way to stop the calling is to answer it.

I believe that your message is so deeply engrained in you that sometimes it’s hard to realise that everyone doesn’t think like you. They DON’T.

You were put in exactly the right place and given exactly what you need to inspire you to rise up, up into yourself. To take your position.

I believe that your tragedies, your losses, your sorrows, your hurt happened for you not to you. And I bless the thing that broke you down and cracked you open because the world needs you open.

I believe that you are more on track than you feel, even if you don’t feel it – especially if you don’t feel it. For the further you get off track, the closer you actually are to abandoning the wrong one and leaping over to the right one.

I believe that you are closer than you think and more qualified in your message than you could ever fathom.

I believe that the things that you are here to teach are the very things that you most need to learn, and that the best teachers are the ones that struggle the most because when they get it they get it with a triple smack down.

I believe that you are surrounded by your own personal team of angels, guides and teachers both in this world and beyond that are so completely devoted to your growth that if you knew, you would not spend one more day worrying about things working out. And if you could see things from their viewpoint… each time you’d see a challenge, you would meet it with a cheer.

I believe in you. And us. And all of this.

And so it is ♥

Rebecca Campbell ♥

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“In the beginning, the men who now call themselves deities were reclusive, bewildered hermits. They were known as the Wandering Gods, wearing dishevelled cloaks, covering their eyes – they hid away in small homes, full of books, of astrological maps and walls full of clocks. In art, this historic archetype was depicted as shaded man in a candlelit room, with walls shimmering gold due to the many hands of time.”

Celestial Dynasty. (via celestial-dynasty)

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“Learn to get in touch with the innermost essence of your being. This true essence is beyond the ego. It is fearless; it is free; it is immune to criticism; it does not fear any challenge. It is beneath no one, superior to no one, and full of magic, mystery, and enchantment.”

Deepak Chopra  (via elige)

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“I used to pray that God would feed the hungry, or do this or that, but now I pray that he will guide me to do whatever I’m supposed to do, what I can do. I used to pray for answers, but now I’m praying for strength. I used to believe that prayer changes things, but now I know that prayer changes us and we change things.”

Mother Teresa (via emotional-algebra)

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“Ascension is my discoverable journey of Freewill culminating in my molecular, biological transformation into a Lighter, Crystalline Reincarnation in this very Lifetime. As I prepare for the return to my Light Source, I eliminate the weeds and cultivate new seeds within the core of my Garden of Vibration; ensuring the blissful growth of my Flowering Enlightenment. Emblazoned with heartfelt Human Emotion and Aromatic Aura of the purest intent and of qualitative precision, my Heart of Hearts is harmoniously infused with Truth & the Expansion of Love in the very moment of the omnipresent Now. My Life is eternal and my Love is immortal. I travel, I think, I create, I focus and I speak Peacefully; for these are my spirited emotions that are truly tender and emanating from me intuitively. It’s You I see in Me blessed Goddess as I reflect into Still Perfection. ~~ Victoria Halik .”

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“O friend, understand.
The body is like the ocean, rich with hidden treasures.
Open your innermost chamber and light it’s lamp.
Within the body are gardens,
Rare flowers, peacocks; the inner music.
Within the body a lake of bliss,
On it, the white soul~swans take their joy.
༺༻ Mirabai ╰დ╮”

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